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Main » 2013 » May » 5 » My new camera
8:24 AM
My new camera
First a warm welcome to all new visitors to my first site ever!

I have always loved photography and filming, never had any real good equipment to do so though.
Especially 3D images always grasped my mind, watched them until my head almost exploded.

Just recently I got news about the greatest photo/film-opportunity of my life but the bad news was - after many years of service - my ancient Digital Ixus died on me.
I somehow knew that at this opportunity this particular kind of camera would be useless in any way possible so time to buy a new cam.
No small automatic cam would do the trick so let's try something a little better I thought, tried to find my way on the internet but too much information didn't help a lot either.
One stroke of luck, a photographer as a friend who is kind enough to help sort out some info!

All necessary info gathered, money in the bank, (thanks to two incredible people) , went to my "regular" store and got a system camera Olympus with 3D capability plus a 18-135 lens and went home anxious to  test the crap out of that thing!

-To cut a long story short-
all photo's seemed off-color, so much worse than my ol' Ixus...
Went through every setting, couldn't get it "fixed".
How odd, I thought it had to be me.
Friend to the rescue!!! And he tried, and tried, and...he then convinced me to return this piece of ....

Due to the friend, finally, I have a rockin' Sony a57 slt and boy, I couldn't be happier! Thanks Pal!
Bought it with a 18-135 zoom and soon realised that it was a whole lot better but, well, it still wasn't sufficient.
Purchased a second-hand extra 70-300 sony original and now I began feeling comfortable for now :P

For this special opportunity I need a microphone and a remote control but how to fit both on the cam?
Surely there must be a solution I thought, googled my ass off but came up with nothing?
So many "rigs, mounts, adapters, hotshoes", must be hundreds, not one fits the sony because of the special flash fitting!
Houston, we have a problem.

Nobody knew a solution, not even the store I bought my camera from, so I knew I had to build something myself, as usual :S
The focusing of the lensen of the a57 is very fast but also gave quite some contact noise on the microphone as some of you may know, that proofed to be an obstacle but managed to build something out of a sony-to-universal adapter hotshoe, two old Minolta SLR camera's and some other hardware I had laying around like a piece of aluminium and a rubber cablefitting.

The result you can see in the section "Photo Albums", subsection: camera's - a57

For a full parts list and info, please contact me!

Oh, that opportunity?

That is still a little secret!
Updates will follow as soon as possible so keep posted, subscribe or do whatever you feel like :)

That's all for today folks!

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