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Due to an accident that occurred @ Isle of Man, I will not be able to place many pictures of three racing days very soon.

I broke my arm so sorting 30GB of material will take me some time unfortunately.
Editing those pics will take even longer so bare with me,
I will do my best to put a few very nice shots at this page very soon!

Let us all first consider the lives that were lost during the most amazing road race of all times!
IOM riders are all heroes, the circuit the most dangerous in the world and all people who do not dare racing here are instantly forgiven...
 for this is truly only for the brave!

                                                           ... Read more »
Views: 7347 | Added by: 3ddude | Date: 2013-06-12 | Comments (26)

Soon to come!

All brand new 3d pictures, download all pics free from "file catalog".
File extension: .MPO
Visible on a variety of devices able to play 3D images like e.g. Nvidia 3d Vision Photo Viewer with active or passive 3d glasses or even red / green glasses!
These images will NOT look good on any non-3d capable device, or devices not compatible with the .MPO file format.
Views: 1277 | Added by: 3ddude | Date: 2013-05-09 | Comments (0)

First a warm welcome to all new visitors to my first site ever!

I have always loved photography and filming, never had any real good equipment to do so though.
Especially 3D images always grasped my mind, watched them until my head almost exploded.

Just recently I got news about the greatest photo/film-opportunity of my life but the bad news was - after many years of service - my ancient Digital Ixus died on me.
I somehow knew that at this opportunity this particular kind of camera would be useless in any way possible so time to buy a new cam.
No small automatic cam would do the trick so let's try something a little better I thought, tried to find my way on the internet but too much information didn't help a lot either.
One stroke of luck, a photographer as a friend who is kind enough to help sort out some info!

All necessary info gathered, money in the bank, (thanks to two incredible people) , went to my "regular" store and got a system camera Olympus ... Read more »
Views: 691 | Added by: 3ddude | Date: 2013-05-05 | Comments (0)

   Be sure to check
"SITE CATALOG" for links and
   downloadable content
Views: 660 | Added by: 3ddude | Date: 2013-05-01 | Comments (0)

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